This May, Patch Records is releasing "THE DENIAL", the first Various Artists, on tape and digitally. Featured are EXOME, TÖRIA, HALBA, YOKE, UNKNOWN, GERARD JUGNO 106, SACRE, MVQX, and WLDV. With its nine tracks, this VA is exploring a pervasive combination of techno, industrial and noise styles.

Side A opens with a suspenseful and thrilling atmosphere, paired with stunningly dark vibes, which is followed by facesmashing techno and evolving towards an even more brutal, arythmical and harsh noise end.

Contrasting, side B is loaded with hammering synths, hard as steel hitting percussions and gloomy morphing pads, whilstkeeping some of the rather dismal and almostreligious flair.

Release Date: 28.05.2021

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