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The Denial
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Release: 28.05.2021
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About US

Patch Records is a label for techno and electronic music of various and occasionally extraordinary styles. Currently, we emphasize podcasts and releases, but generally with this project we also realize live performances and art-related experiments. The intention of Patch is to merge techno with experimental music and nonmusical ideas.

Until now, our catalogue consists of a few different publications, presenting very different artists. Beyond that, you can find some projects we support, which are not directly related to music. The label was founded in 2016. It is run by Max Kurz, Pascal Bonicho, Amelie Heindl and Mohamed Barbouchi and is based in southern Germany.


Mastering POLICY

We like receiving new music and we try to listen to everything we receive as soon as possible. So if you want to send a demo, just do it, there is no need to ask us, but please mind these rules:

– Use the following address: demo@patchrecords.com
– Your demo must be streamable (eg. Soundcloud). We do not download any demo.
– Your demo must be sent only once, do not send it multiple times by using Facebook, Soundcloud, and mail. Only the above address is accepted.
– Your demo must contain at least four finished tracks.

Please do not ask whether we received your demo. If you sent it, we received it. Notice that it may take some time for us before we listen to your demo.

For mastering requests, please pay attention to the following. Your tracks need to fulfill these technical criteria:

– Use mastering@patchrecords.com to send us your tracks to download
(eg. WeTransfer, Dropbox)
– Lossless file format (eg. wav, 24bit 48khz), and at least 6db headroom

We’re going to send you an offer as soon as possible. You can then decide if you are agree with the pricing.


Patch Records GbR
Deisenfangstraße 25
88212 Ravensburg